Only knowledge workers themselves really know what their jobs entail, which makes providing learning for them increasingly difficult. The level of connectedness in our world and the abundance of suitable technical tools now allow these workers to organize many parts of their own learning. So, what is our role as learning professionals in this new world of “DIY” learning? Marcel de Leeuwe and Hans de Zwart organized a workshop at Elliot Masie’s Learning 2012 to explore this topic.

Elliott Masie’s Learning 2012

Elliott Masie's Learning 2012

Elliott Masie’s orgnizes a yearly conference in Orlando, Florida. A few thousand learning professionals attend “a highly interactive and problem solving learning event” highlighting “new approaches to learning and training delivery.”

Marcel de Leeuwe

Marcel de LeeuweMarcel is an educational scientist and instructional designer with a broad and deep expertise and experience in the field of e-Learning (over 20 years). He is interested in cutting edge learning concepts that really move learners and offer rich and powerful learning experiences. He loves doing presentations and leading interactive workshops, training sessions and masterclasses. He is based in the Netherlands. You can find him at leerbeleving.nl where he blogs in Dutch.

Hans de Zwart

Hans de ZwartHans de Zwart is the Senior Innovation Adviser for Global HR Technologies at Shell International and an independent educational strategist. In the past he was Shell’s Blended Learning Adviser, before that a Moodle consultant for Stoas Learning and he started his career as a Physical Education teacher at a highschool in Amsterdam.

He operates on the intersection between technology (which he prefers to be “open”) and education. He believes that technology is never neutral and that design matters. He wished he was the first one to write that “technology creates feasibility spaces for social practice” (he wasn’t…).

You can always come and talk to him about: the most recent book you have read, juggling, philosophy, his work on the board of the Dutch chapter of the Internet Society, free software, dominoes, his guest speaking for digital rights activists Bits of Freedom or The Big Lebowski.

He blogs at blog.hansdezwart.info, reads in public and tweets occasionally.

Contact Details

You can reach Hans by sending an email to diy AT hansdezwart DOT info or call him at +31621856845 (GMT-1).

Marcel can be reacher at through marcel AT leerbeleving DOT nl.

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