To be honest, we aren’t sure yet!

That is why we have created this site and the associated learning lab session.

Why DIY?

A DIY Learner Button

A DIY Learner Button

We see a few things happening in the corporate learning world:

  • The business is changing faster than the Learning function can keep up with.
  • Effectiveness of learning is low with constant questions of the Return on Investment.
  • Knowledge work is so complex that no curriculum can be made that can fit the very personal needs of each professional.
  • There is a high mobility for employees, making it hard to defend investing in them.

At the same time the world is changing:

  • Much of the world is globally connected.
  • Effective tools for collaboration are ubiquitous and cheap.

This means that learners will start organizing their own learning. They will become their own designers.


If learners do it for themselves, the Learning function will need to adapt. They will help empower staff. After some thinking we came up with the following five principles for doing this:

  1. Devolve responsibility
  2. Be open
  3. Design experiences
  4. Provide scaffolding
  5. Stimulate reflection

We want to sharpen these, so we are looking forward to your suggestions.


It might be hard to grasp what we mean with DIY learning, so we have collected a set of examples. This list could be bigger. Add your own here.

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